soins clarins

    This is heaven on earth. The combination of Clarins professional massage movements based on the science of touch and the natural benefits of essential oils and their fragrances will promote complete relaxation…

    Shoulders and neck relaxed30 min85 €
    Stomach detox energy massage30 min85 €
    Athletic massage60 min140 €
    Balanced massage with essential oils60 min140 €
    Balanced massage with essential oils90 min195 €
    Body Treatments
    Tonic sweet-and-salty scrub60 min140 €
    Slimming and lifting massage60 min140 €
    Nine months in beauty massage60 min140 €
    Steam bath ritual (steam bath, tonic sweet-and-salty scrub, massage with essential oils)120 min210 €
    Face treatments
    Express radiance facial30 min90 €
    Tri active customized facial 60 min 140 €
    Tri active customized facial 90 min205 €
    Clarins Men treatment60 min140 €
    Beauty Treatments
    Beautiful hands80 €
    Beautiful feet90 €
    Nail varnish 30 €
    Semi-permanent varnish40 €
    Face, armpit, bikini waxFROM20 €
    Beautiful hands & feet140 €
    soins clarins soins clarins